Wastewater Treatment

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Solutions

We are your trusted partner in wastewater treatment, proudly serving marine companies in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska. Our recent projects in Kodiak and Ketchikan underscore our commitment to excellence in oil filtration and wastewater treatment no matter the location. 

We provide advanced treatment solutions for both ship and land-generated wastewater, effectively eliminating contaminants, pollutants, and harmful substances. Our expertise covers a wide range of wastewater types, including contaminated water, process water, bilge water, oily water, rag layer water, and emulsified contaminants.

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We look forward to discussing your project goals with you.

Your Primary Water Treatment Destination

After extensive years of effort and the development we have established a new industrial wastewater pretreatment facility in Everett, Washington. With a fully accredited laboratory, we are able to ensure the rapid and efficient processing of samples and wastewater, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for your business operations.

For further insights into Washington Marine Cleaning’s recent inauguration of our industrial wastewater pretreatment facility and laboratory in Everett, Washington, you can explore the complete article here.

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Located North of Seattle? We're Your Exclusive Solution for Wastewater Treatment

No Matter The Location, We Will Be There.

For maritime needs, our vacuum truck service and tank cleaning capabilities shine. We handle everything from pumping slop tanks to bilge pumping and cleaning non-hazardous liquids. Additionally, we offer storage tank rentals ranging from 250 to 21,000 gallons, including Poly and Frac tanks.

Choose Marine Cleaning Inc for top-tier wastewater treatment tailored to the unique demands of marine industries in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska.

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Mining Interests in Alaska

When it comes to addressing the complex challenges of wastewater treatment in Alaska, our company stands as a reliable and experienced partner. With a proven track record in Kodiak and Ketchikan, we have successfully treated water contaminated with oil and a range of contaminants. Our expertise has caught the attention of numerous mining companies and interests in the region, who have reached out to us for their diverse cleaning needs.

An example of our commitment to excellence involved a month-long project in which we cleaned the interior of a massive barge, crucial for supporting a conveyor system loading ore onto an additional more extensive barge. We’ve also been called upon to clean belly pans under large generators and tackle the cleaning of substantial fuel tanks in Juneau, among various other projects. Our dedication to quality and our experience in the field make us the go-to choice for mining-related wastewater treatment and cleaning solutions in the pristine wilderness of Alaska.