Tank Cleaning & Bilge Cleaning

Washington Marine Cleaning provides drive-through tank trailer, container trailer, frac tank, and equipment cleaning services. Conveniently located north of Seattle along the I-5 corridor in North Everett, we offer full-service drive-through truck and equipment hand-wash cleaning. We can also come to your site using our vacuum truck with mounted pressure washer and water storage tank.

Since 2002, Washington Marine Cleaning has provided Washington State businesses with tank cleaning and bilge cleaning services. From aircraft carrier JP5 fuel tanks to refinery bulk crude oil tanks to tank farm fuel storage tanks — WMC has the competent person(s), cleaners, Hytorc hydraulic torque wrenches, and other tools and equipment necessary to remove/install all lids and accesses, turn spectacle flanges, and install pancakes — making WMC a full service, one-stop shop for all tank cleaning needs.

WMC has the equipment and experience to safely clean your fuel, water, CHT (sewage), lube oil or any other tank for inspection, hot work, or preservation. Our policy is to ensure a minimum of one competent person (trained by a marine chemist) to be on-site to monitor the confined space atmosphere with a calibrated, multi-gas meter to ensure the safety of all personnel. With a combined 100 years of experience to draw upon, WMC will achieve the level of cleanliness required.