Systems Flushing

Washington Marine Cleaning provides complete system flushing for your water, fuel, and oil piping system(s) — periodic maintenance that keeps these systems free of blockages and contaminants. It also restores a level of cleanliness after repairs to system piping.

Before and After Hydraulic oil samples.

Our Flushing Services Provide:

  • Temporary storage tanks, flushing pumps, heat exchangers, filters, etc.
  • Chemical analysis of oil
  • Analysis of fuel for water contamination, spectrographic metals, particulates, total acidity (if applicable).
  • Removal and disposal of flushing media.
  • Inspection of some systems can be accomplished with our video inspection equipment.

For a complete list of flushing media, call WMC (425) 317-8298     High GPM Hydraulic flushing unit with laser particle counter.

Numerous types flushing gear for Oil, Hydraulic, water, hot, cold, Acid, Alkaline, WMC has the equipment and experience to accomplish all sorts of flushing.