Boiler Tube & Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Washington Marine Cleaning has the equipment and technicians to meet your boiler and tube cleaning needs. Whether it be heat exchangers, tube bundles or piping, WMC has cleaned boilers on ships, in hospitals, factories, food process plants, and more. Full cleaning capabilities are available at our 1.4-acre facility in Everett, WA. 

Proper cleaning of boiler tubes removes deposits from the inside, which improves the boiler heat rate, reduces tube failures and improves the stability of boiler chemistry. Removing scale and hard-to-reach deposits with the right application is imperative in the maintenance of boilers, heat exchangers, evaporators, and all types of industrial equipment.

WMC uses various flexible high-pressure lances, tips, and quality hydroblasters that tiger-stripe away the worst of scale in any size tubes. See Hydroblasting & Pressure Washing and Chemical Cleaning for more information.