Hydraulic Oil Flushing, Recycling & Cleaning

Dirty or contaminated hydraulic oil means that your hydraulic system is contaminated as well. Changing the oil in your equipment without flushing the system can result in cross contamination.

Water contamination can be quickly remedied throughout the entire system without expensive oil changes by hooking up one of WMC’s vacuum dehydrators.

Hydrolytic breakdown is one of the largest concerns facing today’s users of phosphate ester (EHC) lubricants. Hydrolytic breakdown occurs by exposing oil to heat and water during normal operation. Once out of OEM parameters, the oil requires specialized treatment to bring it back into spec. Our unique filtration allows the equipment to be run during the process. This provides an entire system flush, leaving your equipment clean and protected against accelerated wear.

Washington Marine Cleaning has the technical expertise, equipment, and personnel to return your out-of-spec oil to like-new condition. With the latest in ion exchange technology and flow rates to 20GPM, Washington Marine Cleaning can guarantee the quick turnaround time our clients need. WMC’s ion exchange process has NAVSEA approval for use aboard U.S. Naval vessels.