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Tank Cleaning

Choosing the right contractor for any project is important. When it comes to Industrial or Marine tank cleaning, WMC has the personnel to enter tanks of all sizes. Read more


 Hydroblasting & Pressure Washing

It has been proven that marine paint removal with 40,000PSI water blasting removes more of the chlorides and soluble salts that cause future corrosion under new coatings. Read more


Boiler Tube & Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Removing scale and hard-to-reach deposits with the right application is imperative in the maintenance of boilers, heat exchangers, evaporators, and all types of industrial equipment. Read more.


Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning is an efficient, cost-effective way to remove corrosion, deposits, residual oils/greases and other obtrusive contaminants from tainted surfaces. Read more


Systems Flushing

Washington Marine Cleaning provides a complete system flush for your water, fuel, and oil piping system(s). Read more



Hydraulic Oil Flushing, Recycling & Cleaning

Hydrolytic breakdown is one of the largest concerns facing today’s users of phosphate ester (EHC) lubricants. Hydrolytic breakdown occurs by exposing oil to heat and water during normal operation. Read more


Vent Cleaning

Washington Marine Cleaning can reduce the threat of fire hazard and increase airflow in ventilation systems with our vent cleaning equipment. Read more


Video Inspection Services

Our video inspection equipment offers excellent image quality in a flexible scope.The scopes are flexible so that they can be inserted into many applications, from gas turbines to process and high-purity piping. Read more


Mechanical cleaningMechanical Cleaning

Mechanical cleaning is used when rust, old paint or any coating must be removed from a surface where sandblasting is not an option. We use manual or pneumatic needle guns, chipping hammers, air and electric grinders, wire brushes and any other tools that may be needed to get the job done. Washington Marine Cleaning has the resources to use 1 or 100 or more mechanical cleaning devices simultaneously. Read more


Vacuum Truck Service

Washington Marine Cleaning has many different sizes of vacuum trucks and trailers. The larger trucks help move your load more economically in this heavy traffic region we call home.  Read more



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