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Hydroblasting to 40,000PSI

Our specialized equipment allows us to operate at a wide range of pressure to 40,000 psi. This provides a versatility that allows us to blast clean everything from industrial equipment to naval ships. Other applications include the cleaning of boilers, heat exchangers, and condensers.  We are also able to remove scale, paint, coatings and concrete with our higher pressure units. ballast tanks, even water towers. Other applications include the cleaning of heat exchangers, and condensers. 


It has been proven that marine paint removal with 40,000PSI water blasting removes more of the chlorides and soluble salts that cause future corrosion under new coatings. Other methods of paint removal and/or preparation often need pre-washing to remove these contaminants. Hydroblasting eliminates this step, increasing quality and productivity. 


Hydroblasting produces a white metal surface standard equal to NACE No. 5/SSPC-SP12. Major paint and coatings manufacturers have developed coatings specifically for ultra-high water blasted surfaces. High pressure water jetting is not only economical, but with so many environmental advantages it is becoming the preferred process for coating removal by many major industries.


We strive to consistently provide our clients with the optimal level of cleanliness and adhere to the most stringent of schedules. Whether your project calls for one technician and a low flow, water conserving wash nozzle, or one of our multiple high flow nitrogen unloading systems - WMC has a full crew of trained technicians ready to accommodate your specific need.


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